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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

China Nokia 5130 Flash File Free Diownload

Initializing... DA_LIB_VER_4.0.3.2 It is sensing the pinout fast... D-=8 D+=6 Searching commport...please wait... Connecting... Spd USB-to-Serial=COM4 Connected...sending boot... FDL test...OK ArmBootMode: 66100000002C5A00_00 Wait for init Commzero Security Engine... Done. Loading bootloader... Done. Changing baudrate... 5130_fm_4mb_ CPU: SC6610/20_ Flash: SF_GD25Q32

Set baudrate to 921600 is ok Reading phone HW info... Read info is done. CPU: SC6610/20 Flash: SF_GD25Q32 setting the Flash Parameters... Settings have been completed! setting the Serial Flash Parameters... Settings have been completed! Reading FileSystem info... File System Ver: 0A IMEI 1=355452343933838 IMEI 2=910575601400468 ------Auto Format Address------- Start=0x003C0000 Size =0x00040000 Read FS info...done


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

China Nokia Flash file

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